This Diwali – Say No To Crackers

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Seven reasons to say ‘no’ to crackers this diwali
Diwali is a festival of lights celebrated in India and many other countries around India. By tradition, homes are lit with clay lamps. But over the years the bursting of fire crackers have reached high level during Diwali and becomes a festival of noise and air pollution. Below are the reasons to be consider for celebrating Green Diwali.

Air Pollution

You are making a severe damage to ozone layer year by year. Crackers may harm our mother earth in many ways. When you burn the crackers, it releases a large amount of smoke particles that enter into our lungs and damage the respiratory system. The smoke from firecrackers contain sulfur compounds and other toxic chemicals. The pollutants make it difficult to breathe and it is harmful for the asthmatic patients. A study indicates that the pollution during Diwali is four times more than that of normal day pollution. Even the pollution lasts for a day after celebration is over.

Noise Pollution

Diwali is a festival of light, not sound. Noise pollution also creates imbalances in the environment too. The deafening sounds, flashy lights may excite you but the other living beings like animals and birds will be affected more. Fireworks that is having high decibel range of sound which is just similar to the atom bombs. There is no point in making Diwali noisy.


It goes up by nearly 1,500 tonnes of garbage the day after Diwali in a single city and it not only pollutes the land, also tends to create some long term diseases. Bursting crackers not only produces air and sound pollution, but also it pollutes the land. Every year tons and tons of cracker garbages are produced which is many times pollutant than the normal wastes.

Child Labour

There are thousands of children employed in firework factories are a known thing and there children are in dangerous condition often face accidents. More than that they are children who needs some education not as daily wages. So the only way to stop this is to say no to crackers. When demand cuts off, supply will die.

Fire Accidents

Accidents are common in firework factories. A small spark is enough to set ablaze the whole region. And it can damage the properties and also claim lives. Sivakasi town, in a state of Tamil nadu, India is the largest firework manufacturer with so many accidents happening every year. Not ony in factories but the accidents also happen in some shops around the country. Why to risk the lives?

Animals and Birds

Diwali brings with it a host of crackers and their loud noises that pets find difficult to bear. While thousands of people celebrate Diwali by bursting crackers, animals cannot bear the loud noises. In many areas people play the most inhuman game of tying firecrackers on dogs and donkeys tails and letting them loose, watching the fun while the animals run around panic-stricken and ultimately burn themselves.

Burning Money

Crackers burn a hole in the pocket. Instead of crackers, just distribute food and sweets to poor children during the occasion. Diwali is all about spreading happiness after all.

Let us be accountable this occasion. Here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

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