Pollution Rising After Diwali

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The air quality is very poor after Diwali and it lasts at least for 3 days after festival. Pollution during this year’s Diwali will be worse than those during 2014 and 2015 due to a combination of adverse meteorological factors like slow wind speed and moisture in the air, a major hindrance in the dispersion of suspended pollutants. In major cities, people are advised to stay indoor as the air quality turns severe. There is a health warning for emergency conditions and serious risk of respiratory effects in general public. It affects not only people having respiratory problem but also infects those in normal condition.A big question to everyone who burn crackers this Diwali. Where do all these burning things we throw away? Is this go to our kitchen, bedroom or in our barn? No. We just throw it on the streets and finally they go to a big garbage where they lasts for few months which cause heavy land pollution. They can even burnt which becomes a big air pollution.

Do you encourage your kids to burn fire crackers on Diwali? Firecrackers are made using harmful chemicals and acids, children are breathing such harmful fumes and coming into constant skin contact with these acids. Rough estimates claim that nearly 10,000 people get injured by the crackers. Most of the injuries are minor, but cause an untold amount of pain. Most of the victims are children in the age group of 8-16. You are spending thousand of your money in crackers, why can’t you spend that amount for a good cause or give it to one who in need? After all the real meaning of this festival is sharing your wealth and joy with others.

Think about this factors, join hands to make a better tomorrow. Happy Diwali to all.

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