Ideas To Reduce Plastic Usage Every Day

We found plastics everywhere which pollutes our land as well as the oceans. million tons of plastic waste were generated each and every year and you know, trillion tons of plastic wastes are floating around the oceans. One person can’t do it anything over the night but we can reduce the usage slowly. Below are some of the

How To Control Pollution

Pollution control is very important to our mother earth and also for the health of living being in our planet. They are in different forms such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and even sound pollution. Each and every person should contribute for the prevention of this cause to ensure a safe and secure

This Diwali – Say No To Crackers

Seven reasons to say ‘no’ to crackers this diwali Diwali is a festival of lights celebrated in India and many other countries around India. By tradition, homes are lit with clay lamps. But over the years the bursting of fire crackers have reached high level during Diwali and becomes a festival of noise and air